Wednesday, October 7, 2009

NCAA reviews Charlotte prep school

The athletic association says it will not accept core courses, grades and graduation from North Carolina Tech Preparatory Christian Academy.

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According to the N.C. Tech web site, the goal of its football program "is to help our athletes earn higher scores and grades for college acceptance; building a vastly stronger knowledge base and better self-discipline for further success at college; and providing more time for their bodies to develop prior to playing college football."

Here is the full text of the NCAA statement:

INDIANAPOLIS --- As part of its continuing effort to ensure the integrity of academic credentials used in the NCAA initial eligibility process, the NCAA Eligibility Center will not accept core courses, grades and graduation from North Carolina Tech Preparatory Christian Academy, Charlotte, N.C.

The preparatory school recently notified the eligibility center staff it had begun using the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) program as its primary means of delivering education. NCAA membership has previously determined high schools using the ACE curriculum as their primary means of delivering education must obtain model or quality status from ACE before their grades can be used to determine initial eligibility. The eligibility center has received notice from administrators at ACE stating North Carolina Tech Preparatory Christian Academy has failed to obtain either status.

Students currently enrolled in North Carolina Tech Preparatory Christian Academy must have their individual academic records reviewed to be considered in the initial eligibility process. A determination will be made regarding their NCAA initial eligibility based upon this review.
The NCAA sets minimum academic standards prospective student-athletes must complete in high school to be eligible to compete in Division I and II collegiate sports. Ultimately, students must meet the unique admissions standards at the individual college or university they choose to attend.

The review of high schools in the initial eligibility process is an ongoing effort and more than 400 schools have been part of the review process to date. If additional information from North Carolina Tech Preparatory Christian Academy is received, the NCAA may reconsider the school’s status.

The high school review process was created after presidents from several NCAA member institutions raised concerns about the legitimacy of high school academic credentials presented by some incoming student-athletes. Those concerns centered on student-athletes establishing initial eligibility by using academic credentials through schools and courses. In response, presidents in Divisions I and II adopted legislation to provide for the review of high schools and individual prospective student-athletes records in the initial eligibility process.

The review process is collaborative as secondary educators share the NCAA’s concerns regarding the legitimacy of high school academic credentials being used during the student-athlete eligibility process.

- Doug Miller


Anonymous said...

Is this one of those pseudo schools like the notorious ones in Philadelphia that were exposed a few years ago?

Anonymous said...

I hope not because my son is there, if it is I hope Newnan rots in hell!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ahh..Tim Newman has struck again..

Simply said, Mr Newman, who is the headmaster of this sham of a school, has a long reputation for lying cheating and stealing.

First of all, he is not nor has he ever been a certified teacher. He bounced around the Charlotte Meckelenburg Schools as a teacher assistant or Security guard.

His NFL experience consists of a few games as a replacement player in a strike season.

At Albemarle Road Middle school, he nearly bankrupted the athletic program by purchasing uniforms without the administraion's approval. He later worked at Garinger HS as a Security guard where he attempted to undermine the athletic program. Lucily, a savvy AD was able to keep him from having anything to do directly with the athletic teams there.

Simply said, this man is a nothing but a charlatan. He has left plenty of broken dreams and lies in his path, and there are many persons who associated with CMS tht can vouch for this. Run

Anonymous said...

Unfortunatelly for the kids in this program it is all true. I just hope Langston will write a story that addresses this negative side of the story similar to the ones he has written singing there praises.

Anonymous said...

I just hope that those who've been harmed contact the NC AG's Consumer Protection dept. When businesses are bad these are the people who can help. Sad story.

Anonymous said...

Isn't his brother like that too?

David Francis said...

My name is David Francis and I am a Partner with the Student-Athlete Consulting Group a Washington DC, based consulting firm made up of former NCAA staffers and lawyers. We have read about this institution and know that now all of these kids will have to go through individual PSA reviews with the NCAA eligibility center in order to now qualify for college. I am trying to reach out to any students who may have attended this instituion who will need assitance moving forward with the NCAA Eligibility Center. If you are a parent or know any of these students please feel free to contact me.

David Francis
Student Athlete Consulting Group
1380 Monroe Street NW # 315 | Washington DC 20010
Ph 202.669.0896 | Fax 202.280.1499

Anonymous said...

New release from NCAA on NC Tech failing to meet accredidation from them. Take a look for yourself:
Tim Newman, you are a loser!

Tamara L. said...

NC Tech isn’t what you may think it is. This program is unorganized, expensive and biased towards the players who live north of Virginia. It does not come close to offering the services that was promised to both the parents and the student-athletes.
NC Tech Prep is a makeshift school which gives the student-athlete a place to take online SAT/ACT classes with Kaplan. Just before the student-athletes were to report to the school, NC Tech held a “mandatory” parent meeting. During this meeting the head coach spoke to us about the purpose and intentions of the school. He also spoke to us about what we can expect from them (NC Tech Coaching Staff). The Head Coach painted a successfully sound program which reeled us all in. He told us how dedicated he and his staff are in helping our student-athletes pass the SAT/ACT’s with a score of 820 or higher. He talked about their curfew and discipline policy, housing, church attendance, the schools they would be playing, making highlight DVD’s for our sons as well as taking our boys on college visits. This head coach all but guaranteed our student-athletes they would be accepted to a Div. I or Div II School and all they had to do were attending the online classes and get the scores needed to satisfy NCAA requirements.
The head coach talked about the cost of the program which is $7,000per student. I found out, after my son was already settled in Charlotte, that some student-athletes received “full scholarships”, so their parents did not have to pay the tuition. Other parents had to pay if their son had not been given scholarship money. I was one of the parents who had to pay. There is no campus so housing is not included in the tuition. There were several important details that were not discussed which should have been. One detail is the sleeping arrangements for our sons while they are traveling to different states to play the football games. The student-athletes stayed at the Motel 6 in every state they went to. The Motel 6’s were dirty and crawling with roaches. One young man took pictures and showed them to me. It made me sick to my stomach and very angry to know that my son had to stay in nasty accommodations. $7,000 per student-athlete and the best this coach could do for my son and his teammates was roach infested motels?
Another detail that the head coach and his staff failed to mention was that every student-athlete would not receive the same amount of playing time. He failed to mention that the student-athletes who live south of the Mason-Dixon Line would receive more of his attention and respect. There were a handful of players from the North and every one of them had little to no playing time. If this head coach really feels that student-athletes from the South are better than those from the North, why accept those from the North? He is a God fearing man yet he would cheat and mistreat God's children.
Isn't it ironic that the players he gave his undivided attention to are the same players that violated every rule. What is it that they say about karma?

Tamara L. said...
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Tamara L. said...
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Anonymous said...

the school uses Kaplan High School Online which is accredited and in existence for a long time. Let it go people. The program is legit both academically and athletically. If you want to shut them up or shut them down.....kick their behinds on the football field. Otherwise the scholarships they got kids on their websites speaks for itself

Brian said...

Sounds like a bunch of people are sick of getting beat by Tim Newman. Just beat him on the field. Stop writing BS about his program. He would not be around this long if what he was doing was not legit and working!

Anonymous said...

Look likes Newman got beat off the field....

Caroly Oliver-Hardy said...

I just found out about this blog site. I am all over the other one regarding Newman and his nonsense. He is liar and a fake. Everything he says is a lie. The parent who wrote about the mandatory visit was so correct when she stated that he said the boys would be going to church, have a curfew, apartments would be checked for cleaness and all the stuff Newman said was what he thought the parents wanted to hear. He made us feel like our sons would be taken care of. Once he got our money he didn't give a damn about our son's. He just wanted our money to support his family. As far as church how could he take anyone to church when he spoke to those young men like they were nothing. He cursed so bad when he spoke to them and his coaches. He treated them just as bad thats why the don't last. The only coaches that last are ones that cant get jobs anywhere else. And yes when the boys traveled they slept in dirty cheap nasty hotels and sometimes he didn't even feed them. One boy got caught stealing in a Walmart food to eat cause he had no money. I could go on all day about this fake school. Just try and find the interview that Jamie Boll did on that monster and caught Newman in so many lies. He is not in a league any football league. The bowl game he says he won does not exist. The ring he wears is a fake, if it were real how come he is the only one wearing it. Please just send your son's to a community college or JR college NOT TO NC TECH.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea this was a Christian school? I had the pleasure of being with these boys on several of their trips and Christian is not what I would say their behavior portrayed. the head coach never was with them on the trips, he flew in, stayed in a nice hotel with his family while his players stayed 4 to a room in a cheap hotel. He did not stay with his players, eat with his players, or respected his players, even in mixed company. The boys played hard but had little respect for the game, people around them and most importantly themselves and it showed. Its a shame that a program that is suppose to help our kids only hurts them in the long run. I hope that NCAA can help these boys and I pray God can get them back on track!

jimi said...

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Anonymous said...

This school sucks and Tim newman knows it, it wouldn't send his own kids. Plus his wife is also a crook. Coach A is also and the rest of the crew.