Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Write-in votes: Jennifer Roberts for mayor?

Jennifer Roberts for mayor? Sure, say some voters.

The former Mecklenburg commissioners chair and congressional candidate received 18 write-in votes in the recent election for Charlotte mayor, according to  a report on the Nov. 5 election. That's the highest for any write-in candidate. (ICYMI: Democrat Patrick Cannon is the new mayor-elect.)
Jennifer Roberts

Others receiving a nod for mayor were interim Charlotte Mayor Patsy Kinsey, with 5 votes. City Councilman James Mitchell, a Democrat who lost in his party's primary to become mayor, got 7 votes.

Get the full list of write-in votes at

A couple things to note: While the board of election must keep a tally of all people who receive write-in votes, the list above only identifies people whose names were written at least five times on the ballot.

In addition to mayor, the list also includes write-in votes for Charlotte City Council, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education and town races on the November ballot.

So are any non-politicians on the list?

Well, Observer Deputy City Editor Doug Miller reports that NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. always does well, according to the elections board. But Dale Jr. is ineligible for office because he's not a city resident. -- April Bethea


Anonymous said...

Good ol' tax and spend Jenn will grow up to be Nancy pelosi someday.

Anonymous said...

She's would never win. Way too fugly.

Anonymous said...

All she had to do was win the Dem. nod and she would have won. Very scarey thought. Keith W. Hurley

Garth Vader said...

So 18 votes and a D by your name gets you a post in the Observer?

Anonymous said...

Jim Puckett lost by over 32 votes to Huntersville Mayor Jill Swain after running a sleazy campaign funded by outside anti toll money. Tried to make a state issue local.

No hesitation calling for a recount. It will be the same number on Thursday.

He decided to get back in "politics", not public service.


Anonymous said...

I voted for Jesus for school board

CharlotteObserver said...

Notice how you can defame folks, like say Jim Puckett, when you post with out any chance of it getting back to you.

My Dad would call people who do that little twerps, but I just feel sorry for the little twerps and would not call them that.

Anonymous said...

This is a joke...right ??

albina N muro said...

The former Mecklenburg commissioners chair and congressional candidate received 18 write-in votes in the recent election for Charlotte mayor, according to a report on the Nov. 5 election.

BiBr said...

Give it up already Jenn - it's hard to watch you embarrass yourself like this.

Anonymous said...

white liberal black liberal as mayor = ZERO = all the same trash ...

looks like Morrill or McKnight with a mop top wig ...

MCIrving said...

I'd vote for Jennifer Roberts for anything she wanted to run for.

Anonymous said...

This Roberts circus freak and all liberal 'rats in general always attract oddballs weirdos moochers criminals homos and leboz among other sludge at the bottom of the barrel ...

The huge hands and long crooked fingers on that half male half female are monstrous ... It must have been on the Seinfeld episode cracking crabs and pulling caps off beer bottles ...

Funny to see that thing with the 2 professor weenies on WCNC Sunday each wearing matching poka dot yellow bowties ... How cute and sweet ...

Anonymous said...

Now I won't be able to sleep tonight. Thanks!

kathy said...

I would vote for anyone other
than PAT.

Anonymous said...

Faggots are funny when they get mad whining and bitching like spoiled brats.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

What is that photo shopped pic of Jimmy Roberts doing on the front page again as a mayor sub?

No amount of Avon can help out that Lurch Herman Munster combo. Major multiple reconstructive facial surgery or full face implant required. Her hero Obamacare prob pays 100% or for a sex change.

If picked Roberts will require 3 bags over its head in case the other 2 come off plus free bags needed for city residents.

Anonymous said...

Controversial? Leave it to an admitted homosexual liberal media writer's mind wash lies.

Many thanks to the very courageous sister who spoke the truth of the evil entrapment of sexual perversion and other fatalistic problems in today's pc age at CCHS and thanks to St Ann's for making this happen.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Whine on little man with your homo pals.

There were no more than 100 at the protest who did not even attend CCHS or were Catholic. That 1000 number is laughable. There was NO uproar.

What does the Catholic Bible say about this subject? Its not even close.

Sister Margo

Anonymous said...

typical modern day pc militant homos using their bully pulpit to slander good sisters who speak the truth from her direct source as instructed.

reports say some of them threatened her and she had to take a leave in nashville.

cant wait for the koch bros to buy up these lib rags who are clearly a menace to society with their mindwash promoting lies and making criminal death threats to intimidate.

is this not the same one who threatened gov mccrory with his law breaking protesters who all got arrested?

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Media Scam Alert !!! There they go again.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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