Thursday, June 7, 2012

Inside the 'Rock Hell' Hells Angels

The indictment that prompted today's arrests of 19 members and associates of the Rock Hell City Nomad Chapter of the Hells Angels offers a rare glimpse into the secret workings of the motorcycle club -- a detailed system of hierarchy, rules and biker-speak.

Among the highlights alleged in the indictment:

- Regular chapter meetings were referred to as "church," and only full-time members could attend.

- The chapter president had ultimate decision-making authority and reported directly to regional officers of the Hells Angels. Regular East Coast officer meetings rotated from state to state. Agenda items included  chapter updates, world events, world votes and financial matters.

- The Rock Hell City Nomad Chapter was started in Rock Hill, S.C., in 2008. Prior, the group operated as God's Few until it was "patched over" into the Hells Angels.

Winged death head
- Full membership was referred to as "full patch," and meant the member had permission to wear the full three-piece patch on jackets and vests. It included the club emblem (the winged death head); surrounded by the top "rocker" with the words "Hells Angels" and a bottom rocker identifying the territory claimed by the club.

- Members may also wear a diamond-shaped one-percenter patch that reflected the Hells Angels recognition that its members are among the one percent of motorcyclists who are "non-law-abiding outlaws."

- Associates who are not members, including girlfriends and wives, are referred to as "old ladies" and may wear the numbers 81. The 8 and the 1 stand for the alphabet positions of the letters H and A.

- Membership was limited to white males. They had to own one or more American-made motorcycles, mostly Harley Davidsons.


Anonymous said...

"Membership was limited to white males."

Get a grip idiot. Biker gangs have black chapters or counterparts. Are bikers required to be mixed these days? Lib racists are hopeless.

Go try to join the Bloods or Crips and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

M.c. stands for motocycle club..not gang!! Its a brotherhood and lifestyle that is second to none. Who would want to join the bloods or crips anyway?? There a bunch of punk ass bitches that no one respects!!!

Anonymous said...

git to wear tatoos and beat up old people....gonna buy one of them their 3 wheel idiot proof moercyckles and become a hells angle.