Thursday, July 14, 2011

Emails show Wachovia's lobbying on bailout

The U.S. Treasury recently provided the Observer with 17 pages of emails and other documents as part of a nearly three-year-old Freedom of Information Act request.

The documents show Wachovia's lobbying related to the bank bailout bill in September 2008 and other interactions with Treasury.

Click here to read the documents.

- Rick Rothacker


Anonymous said...

What a raw deal. Obama needs to notified and this reversed. Charlotte was cheated and the Wells Fargo merger needs to be undone.

Losing an entire huge bank like Wachovia based on cronism and politics is unacceptable and with the deal done it would take strong political ties with the WH to get a reversal. Nothing is impossible with the right connections in high places.

Get moving ASAP !!!

Anonymous said...

no. they just werent the right type or with the right connections. bankism bankist bigots rule dc. said...

Here, I do not actually think this is likely to have success.

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