Monday, April 25, 2011

Jones: Jefferson post offers "unique opportunity"

Mecklenburg County Harry Jones says he initially declined an opportunity to apply for a new county manager post in Alabama, but said he thinks the job represents a unique opportunity to transform the troubled county.

Jones was named on Monday one of three finalists for the manager job in Jefferson County, Ala., which includes the city of Birmingham. Read the news release by clicking here. State lawmakers ordered the county to hire a professional manager to help pull the county out of a fiscal crisis tied, in part, to a multi-billion-dollar sewer deal.

The Observer asked Jones, 61, what interests him about the Alabama position, particularly given the struggles Jefferson has faced in recent years.

In an e-mail, Jones wrote: "The search firm pursued me aggressively to become a candidate. Although, I declined initially, I decided after consultation with my family to submit an application. My family reminded me that I have a great deal to be proud of here in Mecklenburg County and that I have a very compelling story about organizational change to tell. The position in Jefferson County represents a unique opportunity, as the first county manager, to transform an organization on the brink of bankruptcy to a high performing, results-oriented, fiscally-disciplined entity. I am interested in interviewing them- more than being interviewed by them- on their vision for the future and their plans, thoughts, and commitment to create long-term sustainable change and their willingness to make the extremely tough decisions necessary help them out of this very deep fiscal hole they are in."

Jones has worked for Mecklenburg County government for two decades and has served as manager since 2000. -- APRIL BETHEA


Anonymous said...

He just wants to get out of North Carolina before the sheriffs arrive at his house with an orange jumpsuit.

Anonymous said...

Is there room in Birmingham for all the folks from Harry's church that he hired here at six-figure incomes?

Anonymous said...

Harry Jones, is the best County Manager, Mecklenburg County has had in a long time. What do you people expect him to do? Walk on water!

Anonymous said...

"the best County Manager" ... we're reaching there aren't we. Sounds like you work for Meck County, ironically, I do too. I find there are two groups of folks, one who wholly subscribe to your accolades and one who shakes thier head at it. Has nothing to do with race or age, I'm early 30's B/F. Seems to have everything to do with whether or not you believe he should MANAGE as the County MANAGEr.

Anonymous said...

Walk on water? No, but you need to stop drinking the kool-aid!

Anonymous said...

One thing's for certain.

There is NOTHING anyone can do to screw up Jefferson County worse than it is.

I'm sure he can thrive there.

Anonymous said...

Sure hope he takes Bobbie Shields, and his other assistants with him. It could relieve Meck County of over 5 million in salaries.