Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Watch the full Shirley Sherrod speech

The Obama administration is scrambling to explain why it fired a woman whom conservatives accused of racism without waiting to find out whether the accusation was true.

The administration says it will reconsider the firing now that the facts show the accusation against Shirley Sherrod was a smear, such as comments from a white farmer who says the black official helped him and comments from her that were left out of a selectively edited video.

Here is the full video of Sherrod's speech, shot by the local NAACP unit that hosted her in March. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Typical hating hard core deep seeded ingrained sicko liberal racist. This lib displays unabashed open blatant intolerable bigotry at the highest level of govt. Obv the 100s of agencies and 1000s of liberal appointees are like her. Obama has forced the director to apologize and rehire an avowed racist? Shameful.

Anonymous said...

She changed her mind and did the right thing. The point of posting the video was to show the reaction of the racist, hateful audience when she said she considered not helping the farmer because he was white. The NAACP just accused the tea party of being racist. To make such accusations, they'd better clean their own irrelevant house first.

Anonymous said...

A racist doesn't want to change. This lady shows the real resolve within African-Americans to forgive and move on while other Americans stayed trapped in the past. Some Americans still don't get and never will which is sadder than this story. Stop trying to find someone to scapegoat. This why African-Americans vote Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Sherrod is a blight on America and should never hold a position of authority still entrapped in the past of slave mentality chains of 400 yrs ago like her heros Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton not to mention the other usual suspects like Rev Wright, Oprah, Farrakhan and 99% of liberals in America.
Get over it ... Slavery is long gone over 150 yrs ago and was savior.

Anonymous said...

So a "white man" killed her father 40 yrs ago?

Gee whiz. Where are all the white men killing black men these days?

Why were there no charges and no names or records?

Sounds like another "blame everything on the south" typical pc lie.

The woman is clearly a liar and a racist.


Anonymous said...

Hate white farmers?