Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Where was Pat today?

Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory spent today talking trains - in Florida.

During the first mayoral election he's sitting out in 14 years, McCrory stumped for transit in the Tampa Bay area, according to a story in the Tampa Bay Business Journal.

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McCrory's appearance at the Regional Transportation Forum in Brandon was fitting. His signature civic project is arguably the Lynx Blue Line, the city's first light-rail line.

In a likely reference to the sometimes bruising political fights surrounding transit, McCrory says in order for a system to work, politicians from both sides will "have to give up a little bit of power."

McCrory also encouraged Florida leaders to move quickly on transit because he said it would create jobs to offset the state's high unemployment rate, the story said.

- Doug Miller


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Pat for abandoning your constituents and allowing this lib to get elected since like he said its been 22 years since WE had this moment. You could have been mayor another 14. Going to hell in a handbasket is putting it mild. Is anything left?

Lassiter was a stiffie with zero personality and his whining about the flyer was pathetic. Bend over as Obama Jr. takes over and taxes go higher for a local version of bail-out II aka redistribution of income. Detroit DC and Atlanta here we come.

Anonymous said...

both DC and Atlanta are great cities, economically don't know why it would be bad to be like them?

Anonymous said...

Well, I'd rather have an Obama Jr. than a damned blood sucking George Bush Jr. More Ballantyne politics and white power trash. Lassiter failed and McCrory was no damned better. They are Bush lovers. God bless President Obama and Mayor Foxx!